Mobility Hub Mobile Protection

Mobility Hub Protection Bundle

Let Mobility Hub be your Authorized Order Processor for all mobile phone Upgrades and New Service Activation’s and receive additional savings with the no cost Mobile Protection Bundle.

Gear 4 Battersea case

    • Soft Touch: case has a finish that feels great in your hand.
    • Drop Protection: 16′ of drop protection with D30 material to create tough protection.
    • Wireless Charging: cases are wireless charging compatible without removing the case.
    • Slim Design: allows your device to fit easily in your pocket or bag.
Gadget Guard

Gadget Guard Screen Protection

    • During the 1st year of use, if your device screen breaks, you will receive up to $150.00 of glass replacement protection.
    • In addition, during the life of your phone, if your tempered glass screen protector breaks, it can be replaced for no cost.
    • Protect your smartphone with Black Ice + Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Car Charger

    • 2.8 amps of output with USB port to rapidly charge an iPhone and second device simultaneously.cost.
car charger
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