Mobility Hub is an authorized wireless Carrier sales and service solution provider that focuses on the wireless needs of businesses ranging in size from 50 to 1000’s of mobile devices. We are located in Mission Viejo California representing clients in all 50 US States. A majority of our clients either utilize AT&T or Verizon wireless services for their businesses.

Wireless Carriers rely on authorized solution providers to assist them in providing sales and service support coverage to their vast wireless business customer base. Wireless Carriers often experience high sales staff turnover which leads to inconsistent relationships with their customers. When Carriers work with authorized wireless sales and service solution providers, they are able to provide their customers with a reliable long-term working relationship.

Mobility Hub is committed to meeting your wireless business needs for the long-term and we are in effect, representing you the customer back to the wireless Carrier(s) you buy your services from. Mobility Hub provides the following services for your business:

  • Order processing management and service support
  • No cost Mobile Protection Bundle
  • Smartphone recycling buyback program
  • Fee based Rate Plan Analysis

The wireless marketplace is very competitive. We realize you have several options when you order your wireless devices and services. In order to stand out from the crowd and prove to you that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is, we offer you high value incentives. Our no cost Mobile Protection Bundle is a great example of how we go the extra mile to earn and keep your business.

Yes, the contract you have in place with your Carrier will remain in place and the discounts and incentives provided to you will not be affected. In addition to the discounts and incentives offered by your wireless Carrier, Mobility Hub provides additional savings to the business customers we support.

Carriers and device manufacturers all provide extensive customer service support directly to your business and employees. Mobility Hub will help you identify what service and/or support is needed to address your concern. We will provide you with the correct phone numbers and email addresses to get the support and results you need. As needed, and on a case by case basis, we can represent your business and escalate your concerns within your Carrier.