If you are using a TEM, we can team with them

Straight forward ordering with no change to your process

Many of our clients utilize a Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) service to manage the expense and device procurement process for their wireless services. Mobility Hub works with TEM providers by being your Authorized Order Processor (AOP) within their TEM platform. The way this works is every time your business places an order through the TEM service, Mobility Hub is automatically contacted by your TEM service and your order is managed and placed by us the same day we are notified.

When your business places an order through your TEM, the process will not change on your end. After your order is placed, you will be notified through email by your Carrier with an order and shipment confirmation. The same day your order is processed by Mobility Hub, your no cost Mobile Protection Bundle will also be shipped to the individual and address that is indicated on your device order.

Your ordering process will remain straight forward and reliable with the added value received by engaging with Mobility Hub.