Shared Services Management

With Mobility Hub, Your Organization Will Establish a Clear, Accurate and Equitable Approach to Managing Shared Wireless Service Costs

Shared Wireless service cost with Usage-Based chargebacks is challenging to manage within an organization without the appropriate accountability. Our solution is ideal for regulated industries such as government, higher education or healthcare, as well as other large commercial organizations who 

are interested in establishing an approach to cross-charge centralized shared services spend whether or not you are in a regulated industry that requires delegation of expenses, it is becoming increasingly important to have a clear and transparent budgeting and costing approach based on actual data. 

Benefits of Shared Services Management


Increased Visibility Into Your Mobility Spend

  • Automatically allocate internal and external mobility spend cost to owner of the service with fast, effective, usage-based shared services chargeback and billing
  • Provide secure, self-service reporting of assets and finances to internal customers
  • Leverage pre-defined workflow capabilities and customize the needs of your organization

Providing Visibility for Your Stakeholders

  • Drive transparency and accountability with a deep set of analytics that allow you and your internal customers to clearly understand the what, how and who of cross-charges
  • Enable your customers to easily analyze financial information and utilization statistics with sharable reporting

Providing Business Value With Visibility & Insight

  • Comply with regulated budgeting practices by aligning shared services cost with department or business unit budgets to reduce variances
  • Empower leadership or department heads with secure access to financial reports and powerful interactive analytics to understand the true technology cost impact

Reduce Costs to the Organization

  • Easily share the costs of communication services, promoting increased engagement and responsiveness in self-governing services/devices costs
  • Alleviate the labor costs and time associated with the creation and distribution of bills and reports along with the staffing required to support internal customer engagements