Mobility Hub No Cost “Mobile Protection Bundle”

“Mobile Protection Bundle” – $130.00 MSRP for No Cost

Accidents happen and smartphones get dropped all of the time. To ensure that your smartphone can withstand the drop and avoid any damage, we provide the no cost Mobile Protection Bundle. Every time Mobility Hub places an Upgrade or New Service order for you, we provide our exclusive Mobile Protection Bundle to you at no cost. The no cost bundle includes:
• OtterBox Symmetry phone case: ($50.00 MSRP)
• Gadget Guard tempered glass screen protector
+ 1-year, $150.00 glass protection coverage: ($50.00 MSRP)
• Mobile phone accessory car charger: ($30.00 MSRP)

The Mobile Protection Bundle is immediately shipped to the address you provide the same day we receive your Upgrade or New Service orders. It is really a great value and doing business with Mobility Hub is very easy.